Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Spokane/WA GOP politics   
Todd Mielke withdraws from House race, will run for County Commissioner.

Shaun Cross steps down as Public Facilities District chairman to concentrate on the race for Congress.

GOP gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi has more campaign cash than Dem. Christine Gregoire (for now).

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Wictory Wednesday!   
First, if you're not registered to vote, do it!

Get involved: Sign up as a volunteer.

Donate: At the official Bush-Cheney 2004 site, or (up to $200) through Amazon.com.

Attend pro-Bush, pro-America, pro-troop rallies and Bush campaign events in your area.

Show your colors: Buy some Bush-Cheney 2004 stuff at the official George W. Bush online store.

If you have a blog, join Wictory Wednesday. Not only will you be helping the effort to re-elect the President, but you'll get a spot on the Wictory Wednesday Blogroll which appears on each WW blog:

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Saturday, April 03, 2004

Parties for the President   

Help us reach our goal of 2004 Parties for the President on Thursday, April 29! Join thousands of Bush supporters and a senior campaign leader on a nationwide conference call at 8pm EST. Sign up now to host one of these fun, informal parties to help re-elect President Bush!

If you can't throw your own party, then plan on attending a party (after all, parties need partygoers as well as hosts). At the Bush website, you can enter your zip code and see all the parties planned for your area. You can request an invitation to the one you want to attend.

Get together with your fellow Bush supporters and party!

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Update: Vice President Cheney will be making a conference call to the parties on the 29th.

Bush-Cheney '04!

Thursday, April 01, 2004

WA: Locke vetoes "top two" primary.   
Good thing, too (much as it pains me to praise Locke). The "top two" system is what they have in Louisiana, where the top two vote-getters advance to the general election regardless of party. Yuck. That would have been worse than the horrible "blanket" primary we just got rid of (though my first impulse was to say that the court was wrong to find it unconstitutional; however, Scalia, Thomas, and Rehnquist all voted that way, so I figure I must be wrong).

Now we'll have a "Montana-style" system with separate ballots for each party. Voters must request one party's ballot, but will not have to register by party.

Personally, I'd prefer registration by party, but this is way better than what we used to have.

Bush-Cheney '04!
New Bush TV ads   
"Troubling" (about Kerry the tax-hiker) and "Wacky" (a comedic ad about Kerry the gas-tax-hiker).

Bush-Cheney '04!
New Bush supporter accessory: flip flops   
(Via SondraK.com and Army of One.)

We read with interest today's New York Times report about a campaign appearance by Sen. John Kerry. What caught our eye was this brief anecdote: "[T]he senator was greeted on Tuesday in California by Bush supporters who held up black plastic flip-flops and clapped them together as Mr. Kerry tried to speak."

I prefer sandals, myself, but I may have to invest in a cheap pair of flip-flops just to take them to Kerry rallies.

Bush-Cheney '04!

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