Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Spokane/WA GOP politics   
Todd Mielke withdraws from House race, will run for County Commissioner.

Shaun Cross steps down as Public Facilities District chairman to concentrate on the race for Congress.

GOP gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi has more campaign cash than Dem. Christine Gregoire (for now).

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Wictory Wednesday!   
First, if you're not registered to vote, do it!

Get involved: Sign up as a volunteer.

Donate: At the official Bush-Cheney 2004 site, or (up to $200) through Amazon.com.

Attend pro-Bush, pro-America, pro-troop rallies and Bush campaign events in your area.

Show your colors: Buy some Bush-Cheney 2004 stuff at the official George W. Bush online store.

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Saturday, April 03, 2004

Parties for the President   

Help us reach our goal of 2004 Parties for the President on Thursday, April 29! Join thousands of Bush supporters and a senior campaign leader on a nationwide conference call at 8pm EST. Sign up now to host one of these fun, informal parties to help re-elect President Bush!

If you can't throw your own party, then plan on attending a party (after all, parties need partygoers as well as hosts). At the Bush website, you can enter your zip code and see all the parties planned for your area. You can request an invitation to the one you want to attend.

Get together with your fellow Bush supporters and party!

[Updated time to bump this post to the top.]

Update: Vice President Cheney will be making a conference call to the parties on the 29th.

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Thursday, April 01, 2004

WA: Locke vetoes "top two" primary.   
Good thing, too (much as it pains me to praise Locke). The "top two" system is what they have in Louisiana, where the top two vote-getters advance to the general election regardless of party. Yuck. That would have been worse than the horrible "blanket" primary we just got rid of (though my first impulse was to say that the court was wrong to find it unconstitutional; however, Scalia, Thomas, and Rehnquist all voted that way, so I figure I must be wrong).

Now we'll have a "Montana-style" system with separate ballots for each party. Voters must request one party's ballot, but will not have to register by party.

Personally, I'd prefer registration by party, but this is way better than what we used to have.

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New Bush TV ads   
"Troubling" (about Kerry the tax-hiker) and "Wacky" (a comedic ad about Kerry the gas-tax-hiker).

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New Bush supporter accessory: flip flops   
(Via SondraK.com and Army of One.)

We read with interest today's New York Times report about a campaign appearance by Sen. John Kerry. What caught our eye was this brief anecdote: "[T]he senator was greeted on Tuesday in California by Bush supporters who held up black plastic flip-flops and clapped them together as Mr. Kerry tried to speak."

I prefer sandals, myself, but I may have to invest in a cheap pair of flip-flops just to take them to Kerry rallies.

Bush-Cheney '04!

Wednesday, March 31, 2004

The Democrats are panicking   
What else can explain the astonishing errors they have made recently? John Kerry has, of course, been making an ass of himself every time he appears in public, most recently by attacking President Bush's religion while simultaneously telling his own church's leaders to shut up and stop presuming to give him moral guidance, insisting that every price increase is a tax increase, and having his spokesperson give credence to the lunatic idea that Bill Clinton will be his Secretary of State.

[Update: Being a steadfast ignorer of all things MTV, I missed the actual latest self-inflicted Kerry disaster: he publicly blamed Bush for terrorism during his "Choose or Lose" appearance (via Hugh Hewitt).]

And this last week the Democrats did something which only makes sense as an expression of blind, stupid panic: They invited the American people to cast their vote on the issue of terrorism.

Stupid, stupid. Thank you, Lord, for making them so stupid.

Before Richard Clarke popped up with his accusations, an unofficial truce had been in effect: the blame for intelligence failures and general lack of seriousness on terrorism would be parcelled out about equally between the parties. Although occasionally a Paul O'Neill or a Frank Gaffney would squeeze off a shot over the barricades, this truce, in the main, was holding. Both sides saw the danger in playing the blame game instead of focusing on the future. So why did the Democrats choose to break this truce and embrace Richard Clarke's bizarre and indefensible assertion that President Clinton was better on terrorism than President Bush?

[Update: And do it without even bothering to check on Clarke's past statements? Clarke himself is, at best, an egomaniac and a fantasist who might not have understood that his assertions would be questioned and contradictions publicized, but that can't explain why the Dems so eagerly jumped in bed with him.]

The only reason I can see is panic. Kerry's big chance--well, his only chance, really--was to get America's mind off terrorism and onto the economy and domestic issues.

But with the economy picking up steam, and with the Bush team successfully portraying Kerry as a tax-raiser and flip-flopper, panic set in. When Kerry's poll numbers started to fall (and I'd love to see the Dems' internal polling numbers), the Democrats decided (or perhaps they stumbled) on a desperation move: They would try to pin all the blame for our government's failures against terrorism on President Bush.

This was, of course, stupid. By doing this, not only have the Democrats ensured that terrorism is an even bigger issue in the campaign that it might have been, but they've opened the door for Republicans to point out Clinton's failings on terrorism, which are by any rational measure far worse than Bush's. Had the Republicans started the blame-throwing, they would have looked petty. Now, they merely look like they are answering the Democrats' charges calmly and reasonably.

And of course, it's only natural that the Republicans go on to point out that the Clinton anti-terrorism "strategy" would also be the Kerry "strategy." No one who is thinking clearly could have thought that was a good strategy for the Democrats.

So be confident...but not overconfident. President Bush will still need a lot of help. So join the winning team today, and help make it the winning team.

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Re-elect President Bush: Reason #16,334,121   
Kerry considers Bill Clinton for Secretary of State:

When asked about making the offer to Clinton, Kerry spokeswoman Stephanie Cutter went out of her way to avoid denials.

"President Clinton would clearly help the United States regain the respect of our allies across the world," Cutter told the New York Daily News on Thursday, before insisting it was too early to name potential Cabinet picks.

Volunteer. Donate. Vote.

Because these people are nuts.

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Wictory Wednesday!   
This is the most important Presidential election in a generation. The choice is between a President who knows what it takes to defend this country against its enemies, and a challenger who wants to call the cops on them.

President Bush's ads are working. It costs money to keep those ads on the air.

Washington is one of those battleground states which both sides are going to fight hard for. The President needs you to help him win.

First, if you're not registered to vote, do it!

Get involved: Sign up as a volunteer.

Donate: At the official Bush-Cheney 2004 site, or (up to $200) through Amazon.com.

Attend pro-Bush, pro-America, pro-troop rallies and Bush campaign events in your area.

Show your colors: Buy some Bush-Cheney 2004 stuff at the official George W. Bush online store.

If you have a blog, join Wictory Wednesday. Not only will you be helping the effort to re-elect the President, but you'll get a spot on the Wictory Wednesday Blogroll which appears on each WW blog:

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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

The Kerry gas tax calculator   
Heh heh heh. I think the Republicans have got this Internet thingy figured out good.

Prepare for more whining from the Kerry camp.

Bush-Cheney '04!

Sunday, March 28, 2004

Yard Sales for the President!   
I had this brilliant idea the other day (though a bit of websurfing tells me that some Dean supporters had it first, which scares me a little):

I was planning to hold a yard sale this spring. Why not, I thought, hold the yard sale to benefit the Bush-Cheney campaign?

Of course, ideally I would like to simply announce that "All proceeds will be donated to the Bush campaign," but I don't know if that's feasible under our current campaign finance regime (I sent the question to a campaign official; when I get an answer I'll post it).

Other possibilities:

"All proceeds will go to buy Bush-Cheney '04 materials for independent distribution."

Since none of the money from the Bush online store goes to the campaign, campaign finance laws wouldn't come into play. And such a move would reduce the necessity for the campaign to buy and distribute buttons, bumper stickers, and the like. For every ten bucks you and I spend on campaign materials, that's ten bucks the campaign can spend somewhere else.

"All proceeds will be donated to [insert name of independent pro-Bush group]."

As long as the group is independent of the campaign, what can the FEC do about it? When last I looked, the First Amendment was still part of the Constitution.

Any other ideas for what to do with the money? Leave a comment at the end of this post.

Of course, another option would be to simply keep the money from the sale, and then make a donation out of your own pocket which just happens to be in the amount you made at the sale. However, I think it's preferable to announce that proceeds will go to help the President, even if they won't be donated directly to the campaign.

I know that advertising it as a "yard sale for the President" will turn off Democrats and reduce potential customers, but the money is really only one part of the scheme. The idea is also to register new Republican voters and recruit Bush campaign volunteers. If you advertise a "Bush-Cheney yard sale," you will disproportionately attract Bush-friendly patrons.

Remember to pick up some voter-registration forms at your local elections office (in some states, you can photocopy forms, in others you need originals). Also, contact your local Bush campaign or Republican Party to get some forms for campaign volunteers to fill out.

Here's a draft newspaper ad (composed on the assumption that donations to the campaign are out):

Re-elect President Bush! [ADDRESS DELETED], Sat. 8-4. Books, sci-fi, VHS and DVD movies, knick-knacks, collectibles, cold pop, misc. Also: register to vote, and volunteer for President Bush's campaign. All proceeds will go to buy Bush-Cheney '04 materials for independent distribution in Spokane. This sale is not affiliated with, nor will any proceeds be donated to, Bush-Cheney '04, Inc.

If a whole bunch of people in the same area had their sales on the same day (or banded together and threw one big sale), it might even get some media coverage.

Anyway, it's something to think about.

Bush-Cheney '04!
That sound you hear is Sen. Kerry choking on his ketchup.   
"U.S. employers added more jobs in March than in any month since December 2000, and an increase in orders caused manufacturers to boost production, a pair of reports may show next week."

(Via Ace of Spades.)

Bush-Cheney '04!
Your country needs you.   
Jack Kelly nails it.

We now know how Campaign 2004 will unfold: A Democrat will accuse President Bush of having started the Chicago fire, or poisoning Halloween candy or whatever. The news media will trumpet the charges, no matter how preposterous. When Bush aides deny the charges, and provide evidence refuting them, journalists will accuse Bush of making "personal attacks."

Yep. And we can't trust anyone to make our case except us. We are not only fighting the Kerry campaign and the Democratic Party, but the major media as well. If we sit on our butts hoping that people will learn the truth, we will lose, because most people think "the truth" is what they get from Peter Jennings and Dan Rather.

These people will say--and do--anything to win.

It's up to you and me to get the truth about President Bush and John Kerry out to voters.

And the way to do that is to volunteer for the campaign.

Don't have time? Nonsense. You can find an hour or two a week. Or is playing golf or watching TV more important to you than the future of your country? You'll wait until later? Why?! The Democratic assault has already begun and we need to fight right now! If you wait long enough, you may find yourself watching President Kerry's inauguration on CNN.

You don't even have to leave your home. You can make phone calls for the campaign right from your own house.

Volunteers are especially important in battleground states such as Washington. The Bush campaign is going to fight hard for Washington's eleven electoral votes. But to do that, the campaign needs you.

If you are in the 5th Congressional District, download this form (.TXT file) and fill it out in any text editor (such as Notepad; don't worry about formatting, as long as I can tell which answer goes where). Then e-mail it to me and I will send it on to the campaign.

Only you can ensure the re-election of the President. The fate of the country is in your hands.

Bush-Cheney '04!

Saturday, March 27, 2004

Kerry: Don't call that liar a liar!   
"John Kerry said Saturday the White House is committing character assassination with its treatment of former counterterror chief Richard Clarke to avoid responding to questions about national security."

And remember, Mr. President: John Kerry knows something about assassinations for real!

Update: Edward Jay Epstein catches Clarke in at least one out-and-out lie (via Instapundit).

Of course, it should not surprise us that Senator Kerry desperately wishes to delegitimize the exposure of lies.

Volunteer. Donate. Vote.

Update: Insight magazine article from June 18, 2001 on the Bush Administration's pre-9/11 anti-terrorism strategy (unearthed by a Free Republic poster), including the role of Richard Clarke.

Bush-Cheney '04!
Kerry to have shoulder surgery   
Perhaps he injured it doing the "Holocaust shrug."

Bush-Cheney '04!
Re-elect President Bush: Reason #15,388,529   
Pro-Kerry thugs beat up Bush supporters.

Volunteer. Donate. Vote.

Bush-Cheney '04!

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